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I LOVE my Shopify store, thank you so much, Janice!! I have been wanting to open a Shopify store for a while, and even took a course on how to build my store, but I am not a “techy” and for months I struggled and could not make my vision come true. I thought about finding a designer to help bring my vision to life but did not know where to look. Well, along comes Divine Intervention! I received a newsletter from Janice, and she discussed her Shopify store design service. I have always liked her products and her Shopify store design, so I dove in, and boy, she exceeded my expectations. Janice is wonderful to work with, she communicates consistently while building your store, and is a graphic designer so you are guaranteed that your store is going to be professional and ready to convert. She has a beautiful Customer Hub with videos to help you manage your store. If you are considering a Shopify store, do yourself a favor and partner with Janice, you will be glad you did!!

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